Sunday, June 24, 2012

{Mosaic Masterpieces}

I love old mosaic pieces - no matter the condition. I also love reverse painted glass Georgian brooches! Here are a few of my favorites.....

Clockwise from top: {1} The Roman Forum - circa 1850-1860 Italian Grand Tour brooch. The Venetian mosaic tesserae are set in French Jet.
{2} Micro Mosaic Floral Bouquet set in Aventurine glass. Fantastic condition - circa 1870
{3} Georgian reverse painted glass rose pin. circa 1850
{4} Fantastic Georgian/Early Victorian Pocket Watch Chain. Ornate gold links with swirled enamel finales. The best part? The miniature working tortoise shell pocket knife fob! Circa 1850
{5} Italian tree with ancient ruins, set in Aventurine glass. This reminds me of J.M.W Turner's beautiful Italian landscape paintings.
{6} {center} Georgian reverse painted glass brooch. Expertly painted miniature portrait of a ship nearing shore. Circa 1840-1850

This is an engraving of my favorite William Turner painting - Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. Italy. The detail is incredible - Look at that tree!

Monday, June 18, 2012

{Locket Love}

I wanted to share a small portion of my collection of Victorian Open Faced Glass Lockets. Each one is so different from the next - it is difficult to pick a favorite! These make such wonderful love tokens or memorial pieces.

Clockwise from the top:
{1} French Paste Crescent Brooch with dangling paste and glass locket, circa 1880
{2} Persian Turquoise and Seed Pearl glass locket with dried flowers (you may remember him from the "Persian Turquoise" post!), circa 1880
{3} Tiny "porthole" locket with glass door - it is difficult to tell by the angle, but this little locket has a very deep "well" inside - perfect for stowing tiny treasures! Circa 1880
{4} Victorian Solid Gold and glass locket with crimson velvet interior, circa 1860
{5} Large, Georgian gold locket with a beveled glass door, circa 1850. My sweet boy, Logan gave me the lucky four leaf clover
{6} Persian Turquoise and seed pearl scroll top glass locket, circa 1880
{7} Georgian rock crystal brooch. A tiny door opens and the crystal magnifies the contents. Circa 1840

{Persian Turquoise}

Persian Turquoise is one of my all time favorite gems. Long before the United States became the world's largest supplier of turquoise, the finest turquoise was mined in Persia. During the 19th century it was a prized stone - thought to have healing properties and bring good luck and banish evil forces.

I have been on the hunt for a Georgian Persian turquoise brooch for a long while now and have finally found the perfect piece!

Georgian Domed Persian Turquoise Brooch with  a  Mine Cut diamond set in the center.
ca 1850
Natural turquoise is a porous stone. If untreated (like the brooch above) it will oxidize over the decades and mellow to a beautiful shade of green.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, mined in the Southwest United States closely resembles Persian Turquoise. Clear, blue turquoise with no matrix (veins). Absolutely gorgeous!

Two antique Persian Turquoise Rings in my collection.
Left: Georgian solid gold with gypsy set Persian Turquoise, circa 1850
Right: Victorian, warm rose gold with prong set turquoise, circa 1890

From top, clockwise:
(1) Oval turquoise and marcasite oval brooch, circa 1890
(2) Open faced glass locket jeweled with turquoise and seed pearls, circa 1880
(3) Georgian Persian Turquoise Heart Brooch, circa 1850
(4) Vintage Native American Sterling Cross Pendant set with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise stones
(5) Center: Victorian French Paste and Persian Turquoise lace pin, circa 1880

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Welcome to my latest project! I was so inspired by the beautiful Annette of Patchwork Chair Love Story that I decided it was time to start my own blog.

I have found that it is somewhat difficult to find information on antique jewelry online. There are certain topics that I would love to share my knowledge on and I thought here would be the perfect place!  I specialize in antique jewelry dating from 1830 through 1930. If you have any questions or topics you are curious about, please send me a note!

I will also be offering previews for shop sales, special coupons, contests and promotions! 

Gorgeous Victorian Swallow Die-Cut - compliments of The Graphics Fairy