Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday races toward Cyber Monday

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to Everyone!

My favorite Thanksgiving decoration. Look at the tiny turkey sitting next to him on the fence!
We had family visiting from far and the food was divine. My sweetie husband snuck out of bed early this morning to hang out with the kids and let me sleep I am finally getting the Black Friday SALE started in the shop!

Enjoy ten percent off your order for Black Friday Weekend! Offer ends on Cyber Monday (11.26.12) at 9pm Pacific time (midnight Etsy time).

Please enter coupon code BLACKFRIDAY10 during checkout to receive this offer!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Marine Corps Birthday Sale

{Marine Corps Birthday Sale - 11.10.12}

My Mom and Dad :)

The Hidden Chamber is hosting a sale in honor of the 237th birthday of the United States Marine Corps! 

For the last 237 years, Marines have fought tirelessly to preserve the freedom of the United States. 

THANK YOU to all the brave Marines, including my Father, who have been protecting our freedom since before the United States was born!

A portion of all sales made this weekend will be donated to aid our wounded Marines through the Semper Fi Fund - In Memory of Sgt Travis D. Pfister and all who have given their lives to keep us free. 

Please enjoy 15% off your entire order this weekend in the shop! 

Use Code MARINE at Checkout. Offer expires tomorrow (11.11.12) at 9pm Pacific Time, Midnight Etsy Time.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

{blue enamel lockets}

I was organizing my jewelry chest a few weeks ago and discovered I have a vast collection of Victorian lockets. Some of my favorites are the ones dipped in delicious turquoise blue enamel. I never see two alike. Some are decorated with tiny gold swallows, some with different enamel and gold work and some inlaid with seed pearls and gems. I don't mind the ones with chippy enamel - which is extremely frequent. They each have their own distinguished history and charm.

These lockets are like tiny vaults. Some of them contain treasured photographs of someone that someone once loved. I get a rush of happiness when I open a little jewel that is over a century old and it contains the original declaration of love! The petite heart heart locket contains a token of plaited hair from two different people.

One of these pieces is not a locket - the top far right fellow is a brooch that crept into the photographs. 
I love the inlaid Scottish Thistle!
I'm hoping to start filtering a few of these into the shop soon. Just in time for Christmas!
{p.s. I believe there is a sale in the air! Please check back soon for details}