Monday, June 18, 2012

{Locket Love}

I wanted to share a small portion of my collection of Victorian Open Faced Glass Lockets. Each one is so different from the next - it is difficult to pick a favorite! These make such wonderful love tokens or memorial pieces.

Clockwise from the top:
{1} French Paste Crescent Brooch with dangling paste and glass locket, circa 1880
{2} Persian Turquoise and Seed Pearl glass locket with dried flowers (you may remember him from the "Persian Turquoise" post!), circa 1880
{3} Tiny "porthole" locket with glass door - it is difficult to tell by the angle, but this little locket has a very deep "well" inside - perfect for stowing tiny treasures! Circa 1880
{4} Victorian Solid Gold and glass locket with crimson velvet interior, circa 1860
{5} Large, Georgian gold locket with a beveled glass door, circa 1850. My sweet boy, Logan gave me the lucky four leaf clover
{6} Persian Turquoise and seed pearl scroll top glass locket, circa 1880
{7} Georgian rock crystal brooch. A tiny door opens and the crystal magnifies the contents. Circa 1840


  1. they are all so gorgeous, I want them all. I'm not sure how you are able to sell them sometimes, because I would just want to hoard them to myself. LOL. I am especially in love with the brooch, and the four leaf clover.

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