Thursday, July 19, 2012

{Reverse Painted Loveliness}

I've been hoarding these beauties for a while now. Before I add them to the shop I wanted to share them with you! I have heard these referred to as "goofus glass" or "paperweight jewelry". I call them Reverse Painted Intaglios.

These pieces vary in age and quality. The older ones are carved from glass or rock crystal, painted from the back and sealed with a mother of pearl coating. The newer ones (when I say "newer" I mean the 1930's!) are often backed with metallic paper. By the end of World War II glass was replaced by lucite.The examples in my photographs range from 1890-1915. The oldest piece in this collection is the small basket of flowers pin at the bottom. I love the oval shaped pendant that is set in sterling! Most of these will be drifting into the shop soon!!!

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